Why Intelligence Is Not Knowledge.

What True intelligence is.

For the fact, we know something doesn’t make us smarter. It simply shows we’ve known the subject or course 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

This is one of the truths school is not making student discover. 😭😭 That’s why our teachers see the top students as the smartest and average students as the dullest 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Right now, may I ask you what you think true intelligence is?

What does it mean to be intelligent?

Your 2 years old kid was able to recite the numbers of 1-1000 off hand. Does it mean he is intelligent?


Whatever is your answer. You are correct.

But read 👇👇

Albert Einstein Quoted and I write ” The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination”

He is a scientist and a genius who was recorded that his brain was stolen to see if it was physically different from others  😳

The secret behind Einstein’s Intelligence.

Let me show you the secret behind Einstein intelligence.

What made Einstein was not what be studied in school, laboratory but his ability to create something out of what he knew. 

To convert his knowledge into ideas and solutions through his imagination stream.

Two things shaped Einstein;
1: His imagination
2: His experience

If intelligence is not knowledge as I began. Then what is intelligence?

I will show you that. Keep reading 😃😃

The first way to birth solution through what you know (knowledge) is to First IMAGINE!!

Before I continue, I would like to credit to Albert Einstein as the father of Imagination. Already recorded I think so 😊😊

Your knowledge probably doesn’t make you smarter than your peers but your ability to get creative ideas to solve  real-life problems.

Why did I said so??

Everyone can read Encyclopedia and gain knowledge but not everyone can read science and make discoveries.

Intelligence is not knowledge and knowledge is not imagination.

Intelligence is the ability to make powerful imaginations, turn them into idea and solve a problem by implementing what you know.  💫💫

Birthing ideas through imagination.

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