HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD TALK TO YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING perfect way to handle your child’s school bullying

Imagine you have a 14-year-old son being bullied in school. He hasn’t yet matured physically, so every weekend he goes to the gym.

One fateful day, on getting to the gym, he got beaten by some mates and got his clothes stolen leaving him naked not even with a towel.

As the parent, what do you do??
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If you want your child to see you as his/her warrior, advocate, partner and friend.

Here are the simple ways to handle the situation.

👉 Firstly, Pay the teacher a warm visit.

Do this either before – school or after-school time so your son’s peers don’t see you talking to the teacher.

A meeting with the teacher will have a long way to go if you address the issue straightforwardly giving needed details and treats all students involve with respect.

If the first step didn’t get an appropriate response.

👉 Next Step: Head to the Principal’s office.

It is not alright yet!! One more thing!

Your child is there too. He is the one who gets bullied, you aren’t going to leave him/her like that.

Are you?

How do you handle this with your child?

Talk to him about how weak bullies are. And anyone who bully someone because they are weaker and smaller is insecure and dangerous. They will never be good if they have to put someone down to feel good.

Make your child feel stronger and the real one.

Then sit back and quietly watch how your son will grow up before your eyes more sexier and muscular.

I just gave you a simple hack

Wow, are you going to be amazed?

You will be surprised how you have gotten your son stronger by empathizing with the unfair situation and by showing up for him, you show you care about what happens to him.

And that is why I still support the beautiful actress Mercy Johnson on the actions she took over the incident between her daughter purity and the teacher.  She is not being insecure, the teacher was.

Mercy is the real mom!

She is her daughter’s advocate, partner, and friend

And she is one of the actresses who I admire so much. Thank you so much ma! 💜💜

Learning a lot from you…

Back to my writing!!

Do you know your kids have a lot of things to tell you about?

Your daughter has something to tell you about her new boyfriend.

And how she got a heartbreak from her first boyfriend. 💔💔

Your child has something to tell you about that teacher at school.

He has something to tell you, what happens in the toilet and how his friend made him masturbate.

He wants to tell you about how he is being threatened by school cults.

Believe me, he doesn’t want to be a bad child. He still wants to make you happy and proud.

But the pressure is too much and he needs someone to talk to.

If there was a place for your child to belong. That best place is your home. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

But the problem is YOU  (parent).


Mom and Dad are the problems.

They impose rules, boss everyone around the house to do chores, get them to the best school but never have time to listen to them.

See what happens 👇👇

If you don’t listen to them or don’t have them talk to you, they will probably go out there and find a place where they belong and get accepted.

If this happens, you are going to lose them forever.

I know no parents want to lose their children.

At this point, I will be sharing the 5 simple tips to get your child talk to you about everything.

✔ Work on yourself.

Be that person, you want your child to be to you. You can’t be an authoritative parent and want them to feel close to you. Be open to them

✔ Keep your mouth shut up. I know this is going to be a bit tough for you. But listen more than you yell

Even when he makes a shocking statement, keep calm and pay attention.

✔ Instead of asking him “Why this? Why that? Tell him ” Wow, that amazing, tell me about this… What happened next……?

✔ To start a conversation: Don’t ask your child “How was your day” that turns him off.

✔ In every conversation, make his idea, thoughts, and stupid suggestions an interesting part of the conversation.

Believe me, he will love to start a conversation with you next time…

Be your child’s partner, advocate and warrior.

Thanks for reading.

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