The Difference between School and Education.

(Going to School VS getting Education )

“School is Expensive; Education is affordable”

SCHOOL is Simply a PLACE people go to gain knowledge/ develop a skill.

EDUCATION is a PROCESS to acquiring skills and knowledge.

A school is a Place; Education is a process.

The process you pass in school is what makes you educated not the books you read.

I hope you are not confused here.

I believe you have seen questions like: Why do some go to school but are not educated?

I will answer the question in this article too. Read on.

Types of Education

This will bring me to the types of education we have:

1: Formal Education: This is the one we gain in schools and college following specific coursework. Eg: Business Management, Economics, Philosophy, etc

2: Informal Education: This is the type we gain through life Experiences. Either from our parents, elders, friends, etc. Examples are: Learning to drive, greet respectfully, cook and dress decently

3: Non-formal Education: We gain this by doing a specific job and according to its requirement. Eg: Girls’ Guild, Software learning.

So, when I mean the education you now understand that it is not about who goes to school and gets a diploma in medicine or Engineering.

Education as a process.

Thou, that’s a type of formal education.

The day you get admitted to school, the process begins, and if you are not disciplined and sensitive enough you might miss it.

Don’t tell me you go to school but you can’t respect your elders. You lack Moral education.

Don’t tell me you go to school but you don’t how to train your kid if God gives you one right now. You lack Parenting Education.

Don’t tell me you go to school but you can’t manage a company and its finances if you were to be the CEO. You lack business Education.

Don’t tell me either that you go to school but you can not write a formal letter. You lack Academic Education.

There’s a process to pass and that’s what makes you educated.

You just go to school to get a degree of the process you have passed.

That’s just the degree there(those certificates you are seeing) lol

The only thing that will differentiate you and that your friend who couldn’t enter college is your ability to learn in the process.

The process is important than the degree.

Why some people go to school but are not educated is because they focus on the degree other than the process.

Go through the process that’s the education.

Going to school is expensive. Yeah! You have to pay tuition and extra fees. You might run bankrupt but the process is affordable even the poor can get it.

Learn to respect your elders. It shows you are educated morally.

Learn to manage your income; it shows you are educated financially even though you never crossed the school gate.

I think I will stop here.

You got it right?.
I believe it is clear to you.

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By Gift Christopher

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